Design Process Innovation


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Recent Presentations

John selected Outstanding Early Career Researcher at Fiatech 2012.

John presented Wecision at Fiatech 2012 Technology Conference and Showcase in Miami in April.

John presented at Georgia Tech in March.

John spoke at AIA Lean Design Forum at Berkeley in February.

John spoke at AIA SF LearnVirtual in February.

John spoke about Expanding Design Spaces at the Academy of Engineering's 2011 US Frontiers of Engineering Symposium about Engineering Sustainable Buildings in September, 2011.

John spoke at Cornell University Imminent Ecologies Symposium in April, 2011.

John spoke at the International Forum on Combined Heat, Air, Moisture, and Pollutant Simulations CHAMPS in Nanjing in March, 2011.

John presenting to the National Academy of Engineering’s “Future of Engineering” symposium at Google in September.

Recent Software Releases

We’ve released Wecision Alpha: a platform of collaborative decision process tools that helps individuals within groups gather information and make and communicate better decisions, faster.


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Recent Publications

Design Scenarios: Enabling Requirements-Driven Parametric Design Spaces.

Gane, V. and Haymaker, J. (2012). Accepted in Advanced Engineering Informatics.

The Value of Design Strategies Applied to Energy Efficiency.

Clevenger, C. and Haymaker, J. (2012). Accepted in Smart and Sustainable Built Environment.

ThermalOpt: A Methodology for BIM-Based Passive Thermal Multidisciplinary Design Optimization.

Welle, B., Haymaker, J. and Rogers, Z. (2011). Accepted in Building Simulation.

Relationships Between Project Complexity and Communication.

Senescu, R., Haymaker, J., and Aranda-Mena G. (2011). Accepted in ASCE Journal of Management in Engineering.

Automated Identification of Occupant Interactions in Renovations of Occupied Buildings.

Ho, P., Fischer, M., Haymaker, J. (2011). Accepted in International Journal of IT in Construction.

Design Process Communication Method and System, Reid Senescu and John Haymaker, Provisional US Patent pending.

Expanding Design Spaces,

John Haymaker, National Academy of Engineering Future of Engineering Symposium.

Framework for Measuring Rationale Clarity of AEC Design Decisions

John Chachere & John Haymaker  - Accepted to the ASCE Journal of Architectural Engineering.

Measuring and Improving Rationale Clarity in a University Office Building Design Process

John Haymaker, John Chachere, & Reid Senescu. Accepted to ASCE Journal of Architectural Engineering.

Metrics to Assess Design Guidance

Caroline Clevenger & John Haymaker. Accepted to Design Studies.

Multi-Attribute Interaction Design: An Integrated Conceptual Design Process for Modeling Interactions and Maximizing Value

Andrew Ehrich & John Haymaker. Accepted to AIEDAM.

A Knowledge-Based Approach to Problem Formulation for Product Model-Based Multidisciplinary Design Optimization in AEC,

Benjamin Welle, and John Haymaker, AAAI Spring Symposium Series, Stanford University, Stanford CA, 2011.